What's in a Kiss?

A Kiss Releases an Avalanche 

What's in a kiss?  Whether we are giving or receiving, a kiss can unleash an avalanche of emotions.  The simplest kiss, to some extent or another, is an expression of love.  What it conveys and what it evokes are unique to each kiss.


Perhaps our first thought about a kiss is that it enfolds passion.  When exchanged with a romantic partner, a mutually enjoyable kiss can elicit feelings of bliss and freedom.  It sets the course for connecting soul-to-soul and for bringing to earth the remarkably ecstatic sensations that we experience in the energy realm.


So many kisses enfold promise into the moment.  A ‘first kiss” signals the promise of a developing connection.  A quick kiss can gesture a simple “I like you” when words fail, and the promise of some next moment grows.   Kissing a baby is a joyful delivery of anticipation and the promise of a happy life ahead for that child.


A kiss is an internationally recognized greeting, perhaps a kiss on the cheek or both cheeks, or placed formally on the hand.  It demonstrates hospitality and welcoming.


A kiss can deliver a spark of hope.  When someone is feeling disconnected, apathetic, or joyless, a kind kiss can nudge optimism while eliciting a feeling of worthiness.  Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated.  One kiss has the power to move a person from a feeling of invisibility to a feeling of invincibility.


Gratitude often comes gurgling forth as quick kiss.  The gesture is so natural as to beautifully convey someone’s deep feeling of appreciation for a deed, a compliment, a remark, or simply for one being oneself.


Many kisses are laden with possibility.  It can act as a gesture to say, “I believe in you,” or “everything will work out great.”  A kiss before an event says, “You’ve got this and I’m excited for you!”


A kiss filled with longing says, “you represent something that I don’t feel I have in this moment, or perhaps even in my life.  I desire closeness to fill this void and to feel lovable.” The longing proceeding closeness is the fuel that reminds us, I want to feel connected

Kisses can quite simply say, “I want to be closer to you.”  The longing proceeding closeness is the fuel that reminds us, I want to feel connected beyond the ordinary.


Just as a kiss can evoke a feeling of possibility in someone, a kiss delivered can be asking for comfort.  Our emotions sometimes defy verbal language, but body language can step in when words fail.


A loving kiss can heal wounds, especially right after the Band-Aid.  But beyond body scrapes and bumps, kisses can elicit deep re-harmonization.  The love that they convey is the energy that allows the body to begin its ascent to recovery. And the love that it conveys can assist in releasing emotional pain as well. 


The closeness that we feel during intimate moments affects us on so many levels: physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Kisses before and during intimacy open the gateway to achieving ecstasy beyond the ordinary.  Sexual expression is one of the experiences that can most closely duplicate the bliss that we know on the soul level.  Before we were human, we lived within this state of being, and intimacy can help us “remember” it on earth.


“Please don’t leave me,” can be powerfully delivered through a kiss.  “Be careful out there,” can also be expressed through a gentle kiss.


The joy of life can be expressed through a kiss.  It can say, “Life is good,” “I’m so happy,” “I’m thrilled to be sharing this experience with you,” or “this moment is what life is all about.”

Although we may live within in a trend of touching less, especially in public situations for fear of germs and because of reliance on technology, I suggest we allow the opposite to be realized.  Touch delivers love, and love protects and heals.  Kiss and be kissed more often!

Shine on!

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