Telltale Signs of Enlightenment
I realize that enlightenment or awakening is not for everyone, but if it should happen to grab your curiosity, I can tell you that there are amazing, worthwhile by-products of the journey.    As you decide to look at life through a different lens and let go of old, tired, ideas, you find yourself increasingly experiencing the following:
  • Small talk bores you. 
  • You smile more.
  • Your circle of friends is becoming more fun to be with.
  • You love alone time.
  • Disconnecting from electronics is rewarding.
  • Nature excites you.
  • You “accidentally” wake up happy.
  • You feel younger.
  • The world appears more colorful.
  • Not only are you no longer crisis-prone, you’re actually becoming peace-prone.
  • People complain less in front of you.
  • Today makes you happy.  And tomorrow makes you happy. 
  • You see the light-side of things.
  • Political discord no longer pulls your mood way down.
  • It’s a nice day even when it’s not a nice day.
  • Your appearance is changing for the better.
  • Your creativity is on fire.
  • You value kindness in others.
  • Your courage is up.  You take more chances.
  • You care a lot less about what other people think of you.
  • Material possessions are becoming less significant.
  • You play more.
  • Optimism has obliterated pessimism.
  • You’re getting more and more great ideas.
  • You’re acting upon more of your good ideas.
  • You don’t find yourself dropping down to others’ low moods.
  • Judgment is lessening.
  • You appreciate that everyone is doing the best they can within their level of awareness.
  • Your sense of humor is getting stronger.
  • You use emoji’s when you speak.
  • Intuition is popping.
  • You feel less need to give unsolicited advice.

So, embark on the journey of discovering universal truth if some of these listed consequences appeal to you.  If not, then feel free to stay stuck.

And it’s not such a mystery how to achieve the list.  There really is a map of sorts, and I’m happy to share it with you.  Anyone can get there.  And those who have begun can get farther on the path, too.  Life is an effervescent ethereal odyssey.  Why not enjoy it?

Shine on!

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