Step Away from your Body
Yes, I visit the energy realm.  Call it heaven or whatever you’d like, I return to the state of consciousness that we all experienced before taking on a physical body.  The clarity that I receive about the human journey is profound and exquisite.  To be in that state helps me to understand how we all SOAR as souls and that there are no limits.  We experience perceived limits during our human lives, because we are separated from the memories with which we were born.  Life separates us by immersing us in misbeliefs, lack of love, misunderstandings, and masks & layers.

When I began my visits to the energy realm, I felt like an unworthy visitor.   When I would communicate with souls there, I would treat every soul as though they were more important than me.  It was such a habit being human, viewing all things through my “Karen” lens, that I wasn’t able to leave Karen on earth and visit there purely as my soul.  Therefore, the depleted self-love that I had experienced by living in the human journey for decades shrouded my perceptions to the point that I couldn’t bring in the infinite love that surrounded me.  I couldn’t perceive that I may be an equal with these souls who emanated a powerful unconditional love that we rarely experience in human form.  I felt so meek and inferior.  I would listen to their narrative about how important I was, and how I am just like them, and how they’re not “better” than me, and secretly dismiss this truth.  In my mind, I would be like they’re so sweet, giving me all these subliminal suggestions, aahhh, they’re trying for the placebo effect to make me think I’m more worthy that I actually am.  When I returned home, I would think they are just so kind; they really nailed the kindness thing. 

Over time, the more I worked on getting rid of my masks and layers, I began to recall the soul of me, purely awake and aware.  My soul part increasingly emerged during these trips.   So in my early visits, it was as though I was 70% Karen and 30% soul.  After more focus on removing earthly baggage and wounds, it was like I was 50/50, and soon it was 30% Karen and 70% my soul.  

Ultimately, I learned how to get myself into the pure soul state of consciousness;  I can pretty much let Karen go.  When I am there in that full state of being my soul instead of being Karen, I realize how silly I was in the beginning.   Earth amnesia and earthly pain had made me forget that I, too, was a source of infinite love, that I, too, radiated non-judgment, infinite comprehension, and limitlessness.  

It took years for me to feel, know, and believe that I was as powerful and worthy of a soul as they are, that we all are.  I now know that I am as important as everything and that everything is as important as me.   I get it, I know it, I feel it, and I feel it about every soul.  It’s a freeing feeling.  I want you to feel that way – I want you to remember yourself as a soul.  It helps you to let go of everything that pulls you down.  You stop categorizing things, limiting things, judging things, judging people, judging experiences.  None of that matters anymore.  You are free.  You are free to be the soul that you really are. 

When you are in the energy realm and not encumbered by human masks and layers, you SOAR.  You Sense OurAbundant Reach.  Perhaps you, in human form, are unable to, as of yet, to return to the consciousness of your soul the way that I can, but you can sense the limitless feeling if you allow yourself.   Don’t just think it, sense it!  It doesn’t matter what your material world is like this second.  Your present experience does not limit your reach, it doesn’t limit your power, it doesn’t limit how you can express your essence.  You are as important as everything and everything is important as you.  Anything less than SOARing on earth is a learned behavior and a habit that you were taught by other people;  it is not truth.

There are no limits when we Sense Our Abundant Reach.  

Shine on!

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