Encourage Your Positive Focus

We come to earth for an opportunity to make discoveries, to have awakenings, to integrate new knowledge, to increase our ability to give and receive love, to continue to grow our vibrational energy, and enhance the growth of others’ vibrational energy.  These intentions are eternal; they do not simply emerge when we are in human form.  Earth life offers us very practical opportunities to experience this growth. 

These vehicles can act as acceleration points, ways for us to experience discoveries and increase our vibrational energy more expediently than if we weren’t experiencing this realm.  It’s likely that at some point, we will not have many more awakening opportunities in this realm.   We are all heading towards that collective enlightenment, getting closer and closer to creating utopia on earth.  And at that moment, the need for this realm will expire.  We may collectively choose to actualize or ascend, or we may select to continue to live in bliss on earth.  

During the journey of this lifetime, you are going to see evidence of people desiring to surround themselves with more love.  You will increasingly witness profound shifts in energy, shifts in opinions, shifts in groups of people, shifts in people’s priorities.  People living above the line are going to become more and more prevalent, more and more visible.  We are shifting from the logical to the spiritual, not necessarily through any religion, simply through intuition and understanding that higher vibrations are resonating within us.  Huge numbers of people now are seeking awareness, perhaps more than in any period in recorded history.

In this state of actualization, you will access only joy, love, bliss, ecstasy, contentment, peace, freedom, and more love.  In order to assist you in personally getting closer to achieving this state, follow the suggestions in this paragraph: 

I don’t watch the news. I don’t get into pity fests.  I don’t commiserate.  I don’t stay in conversations where everybody is complaining.  I surround myself with things that are uplifting.  I surround myself with things that represent where I want to go, not where I don’t want to be.  I surround myself with the focus of that which I want to contribute, to achieve, and to be.  The more I focus here, the more the universe encourages me with good happenings.  When those good things happen, I know that they are the result of my improved focus, thinking, feeling, and believing.  The universe continually encourages my positive focus.  

Amazingly, patterns of thought and focus can easily revert back. 

We are habitual beings and, oftentimes, our thoughts flow like water.  Once a waterway is cut, the water flows there very easily.  The hardest thing to create is a new water way; first, you must have the intention to create it, and then you must put that intention into action.  If it’s worthwhile to change the flow, you have to stop what you are doing and dig a new path for the water to travel.  

Just be awake.  You can stay connecting to being mindful of being awake and choosing what you are focusing on by reading the above italicized paragraph.  Keep that paragraph by your toothbrush, by your vitamins, or somewhere that you engage in a daily ritual.  When you are taking that vitamin out or brushing your teeth, just read it and feel good.  Allow yourself to experience being fully happy on earth.  You are ready.  You can do it.

Shine on!

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